All I care about from this Nintendo direct. Shiek, and Zero suit Samus are here to jam. Mega Lucario. But that Megaman final smash brings all of the Megaman characters back. Ooh the nostalgia.


Super Smash Bros 4 - Mario vs. Charizard 


Super Smash Bros 4 - Mario vs. Charizard 


ok but let’s talk about how fucking perfect the duality on final destination in smash 4 is because i’m really into all this shit and it isn’t just opposites or anything, it’s duality and balance and it’s so nice

so under the stage on the left, you have these blue crystals, and i’d like to point out that they’re very clean, no messes, pointing straight ahead and not bending at all. and on the right you have these black-and-red vine things, which are messy as hell, they twist and turn, they’re dirty looking and really weird to look at, and the first thing i think of is good and evil, and that’s amazing, but it doesn’t end there.

now, if you look on the right side, near the middle, you can see a single blue crystal (or a few, i suppose, but they’re not very present) and it’s retaining it’s properties of being straight and rigid but it also has inherited the trait of being messy-looking and dirty from the right side. and if you look on the left, you’ll see one of the black vine things, and it still turns and bends, but it lacks red, and looks cleaner, and more pleasing to look at, so you have balance there.

but wait there’s fucking MORE in this shit because on the left you also have a crystalline thingy that’s half-blue, half-black, and the black half has red on it, and it’s cracked. it is corrupted. yet there is also a blue crystal on the right side, completely unchanged, albeit small. and to complete the blue/red symbolism, you have the sun and the earth in the background, right next to each other, and when these two elements are in the background, this blue crystal becomes purple, which is, of course, the cross between red and blue.

something this beautiful showing such a drastic sense of balance and duality should be expected of a game made by namco, especially since this all reminds me of the famous soul edge and soul calibur blades the company has created. final destination in smash 4 is a work of art, possibly outdoing every previous final destination to date, dare i say it, almost any stage to date, and i love it.


so uh yeah

made this about why hunters should be treated with more respect in wow

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omg i want a duck

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get the fuck out,no fucken way this is the most coolest thing i have ever seen on tumblr 


What if the skelatons up top were little titans?


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